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John Gould - Family of Humming birds

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Gould Blue Throated helmet crest

Blue-throated Helmet-crest


John Gould

Original hand coloured stone lithograph, French lines and wash panel mat ,
Page size 22 x15 1/8” mat size: 29 1/2 x 22 1/4” Ref. LRA >ADLN   PRICE CODE F

A world class investment quality image by the great British Bird Man and father of Australian Ornithology - John Gould (1804-1881)

Three Colombian blue throated helmet-crested hummingbirds (two adults and a female) are depicted, the plate being published as plate 41 in Gould’s 1881 supplement to his Monograph of the Trochilidæ - Family of Hummingbirds. Printed from lithographic stone by Hullmandel & Walter after the drawing by John Gould and William Heart.

Gould was the leading publisher of fine ornithological illustrations of the Victorian era in Britain. The general public first saw the splendid images of Gould’s Humming birds during the Great Exhibition in London of 1851.

Gould's entrepreneurial endeavours led him to research his species, largely between the years 1830-70, in what was then remote and exotic places where he collected scientific information and drew rough field sketches for his wife Elizabeth, and following her death H. C. Richter, William Hart and others, to turn into highly skilled illustrations.

The specimen was discovered, by a Mr. Simons on 18/19 July 1879 on the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in Columbia.

Gould is credited with being the first British publisher to place birds in their natural setting. Due to the small numbers of images printed from each stone these beautifully hand coloured stone lithographs are now scarce and some are very rarely seen. All are now highly sought after by collectors, bird enthusiasts, and those of discriminating taste alike.


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