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[Coastal Marine with Choppy Sea]

Indistinctly Signed and Dated [18]'71 (Bottom Left) Oils on canvas, Period ornate gilt-wood & gesso frame.

12 x 16"(30.5 x 40.7cm.) Frame 19 1/2 x 24" Ref. 580 GH53/ALN/g.ands>RNNN  PRICE CODE  G

This is a classic British marine painting, but painted in the Dutrch Marine manner in which John Callow excelled. A Dutch Pilot boat,a Botter or Boier, flying a half blue and white signal, is depicted making slow headway in the choppy sea toward a brig which has its sails and yards, above top-gallants, lowered, whilst beating off a lea shore. The ruins of a castellated fortress are seen on a percipitous islet, two other ships are seen illuminated against a distant horizon as storm clouds dominate the sky. John Callow was taught by his brother, the artist William Callow. Both brothers studied in Paris in 1835, John returning to England in 1844, where he took up a distingushed academic career as a teacher of painting, initally in watercolour landscape but later in oils. He became noted for his excellent marine subjects.


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