Charman clipper & Pilot lge

Rodney John Keith

1944 - 
Windjammer awaiting a pilot

Oils on canvas.  Signed and dated [19]75 (bottom right)
30 1/8 x 40" (76.5 x 101.6 cm.)  ornate gesso and wood frame: 35 x 45"
 Ref. 608 RI 558 /DGNN/ d.ando >RELN     PRICE CODE H

An elegant fully rigged three-masted square sail ship known affectionately as a 'windjammer' or 'clipper', due to their fast sailing characteristics. The ship awaits the arrival of a pilot, who is making speedy headway in a yawl to catch up to the ship. Still possibly some 10 miles out from port, the former still under full canvas but upper courses just starting to be luffed to slow her headway down.


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